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While Social Meridian Principal Angela Adler was a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, one Monday a few years ago a student detailed their suicide attempt from over the weekend. Knowing that mental health and suicide are growing concerns for college students, and that students needed resources beyond the overworked university counseling services, Prof. Adler began developing the wellbeing exercises to make their wellbeing a priority on par with their coursework. 


The exercises were assigned as extra credit every week for 6 semesters of the Sociology of Sport online course, which is very popular at the BIG10 school. Students found the exercises unexpectedly helpful, and took practices they learned forward with them into future semesters and careers. Students also knew that their professor was invested in their wellbeing, and found it easier to reach out when they could use assistance. Most importantly, while using the wellbeing exercises, no more students had mental health crises resulting in massive missed work or taking an incomplete in the course.

The download includes instructions, details, and suggested uses. Feel free to reach out to discuss how these exercises and related social health approaches can be used to improve the wellbeing, engagement, efficacy, and commitment of your people.

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